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2013 Wrap-Up: A Mockingjay Year

I hope my pick for the most significant book of 2013 will surprise you. It surprises me. For one thing, it’s not a book. It wasn’t published in 2013. And I’ve never mentioned it on Litkicks before.

Before I explain, here’s a quick wrap-up of my year of reading and … Read the rest

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Yak Ballz Does T. S. Eliot

it seems strange, like yellow smoke
pushin’ up against the window panes
and ain’t a damn thing changed
i know, cause i been trying to find an antidote
while women come and go
talking of michelangelo

What! These lyrics wafted past me this weekend during a family gathering, and stopped … Read the rest

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Keith Richards’s Book and Other Good Stuff

Here’s some stuff I’ve checked out and liked lately:

It’s annoying that Keith Richards is more widely known today for his long-past hard-partying rock star excesses than for being (still) a world-class musician and songwriter. I almost didn’t want to read his extensive, acclaimed new autobiography Life because I’m not … Read the rest

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Eyedea: Even Shadows Have Shadows

The minutes get shorter, the walls start to close in
Feels like the brain is hanging on but with clothes pins
I’ve hidden in the darkness for too long
I make it look all right but in the inside its so wrong
I want life to change but I don’t

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Naive Melodies

1. Beat poet Michael McClure’s new book of poetry is called Mysteriosos. In his long and exciting career McClure has collaborated with Janis Joplin and Ray Manzarek, written influential plays like The Beard, and appeared as a character (a voice of sanity, strangely enough) in Jack Kerouac’s novel … Read the rest

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