The Walls Of Our Cage: Reading John Edgar Wideman

I took the #WidemanChallenge, in which a few literary critics, bloggers and journalists spent the end of 2020 calling attention to a writer that too few people know about: John Edgar Wideman, an important voice from the Rust Belt whose works are keenly relevant in the year of George Floyd. Here’s what happened when I read two of his books.

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What We’re Up To

Litkicks is 26 years old! It’s been a journey. Lately we’re busy doing a couple of excellent podcasts.

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Opera DJ

The second episode of “Lost Music: Exploring Literary Opera” is out! This one tells the story of how I turned myself into an opera freak by forcing myself to listen to nothing but opera music — 100 selected arias in random order, eight hours a day every day while I worked for months — until osmosis took effect and I honestly started recognizing, appreciating and eventually deeply enjoying the melodies …

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Lost Music: Exploring Literary Opera

Lost Music: Exploring Literary Opera – A New Podcast!

LOST MUSIC: EXPLORING LITERARY OPERA is an exciting new podcast about the literary and cultural side of opera. The first podcast by Marc Eliot Stein, brought to you by Literary Kicks, available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever you get your favorite episodes.

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I’m in a reflective mood lately. Looking within, through a glass darkly and all that. That’s my excuse for the fact that it’s March 2018

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