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A Murder and a Metaphor: Litkicks Mystery Spot #1

Can you identify the famous literary work represented in the photograph above? Here are a couple of hints:

• You have definitely read this novel. It’s one of the most widely loved novels of all time.

• A person is killed, during one of the novel’s climactic scenes, by the … Read the rest

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How Much Are You Reading?

Living in the Information Age, as we apparently do, one thing that’s easy is finding things to read. We often think of reading in a traditional way — sitting down with a book and turning pages — but there’s so much more than that. Even before the time when we … Read the rest

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The Process

First, it’s a feeling. Then the ideas come, maybe fully-formed, or maybe in pieces, sliding ghost-like into your head and playing in front of the walls of your mind for awhile before disappearing again. You watch them, or listen to them, or watch and listen to them, thinking about how … Read the rest

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