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Satin Island: Tom McCarthy’s Humanistic Weave

Tom McCarthy is a popular British avant-garde novelist with a forbidding public image. He writes technological dystopian fiction that looks at the world with the same cold sinister stare as that of Chuck Palahniuk or William Vollmann, and he physically resembles Dwight Schrute from “The Office”. He doesn’t come across … Read the rest

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Gettysburg 150: The Book That Made Me a Civil War Geek

I’ve never been sure how to reconcile the fact that I’m a pacifist with the fact that I’m a major American Civil War geek.

Though I’m a major geek, I’m not a Major — that is, I don’t participate in any Union or Confederate reenactment brigade. But I’ve been to … Read the rest

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A Glimpse of Ray Bradbury (and Groucho)

Here’s something unusual: a 1955 appearance by science-fiction author Ray Bradbury on Groucho Marx’s famous TV game show “You Bet Your Life”.

Stocky and hearty, the 35-year-old author is at this time already a successful writer, but not yet a famous one. He cites his accomplishments to Groucho: stories in … Read the rest

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Illustrated Man

1. The classic science-fiction author Ray Bradbury has died. I never really kept up with his work, but when I was a kid I thought Illustrated Man had the coolest book cover in the universe. “The Veldt” was my favorite story from that collection. Here’s more on Ray from Boing Read the rest

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