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Philosophy Weekend: A Rulebook for Drones?

Philosophy Weekend has always been about moral, social and political philosophy (I originally thought of calling the series “Ethics Weekend”, but that title just does not have any zing to it). In the past couple of years, I’ve allowed two major developments to dominate my choice of weekly topics. First, … Read the rest

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A Walking Spell: Litkicks Mystery Spot #6

These city blocks may not appear exceptional to you, but they had a very specific and urgent meaning to a character in a famous modern novel. This character walked these streets every day, secretly observed by another character. Gradually, the meaning of these walks crystallized. Where are these streets, and … Read the rest

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Romance in a Dry Land: Litkicks Mystery Spot #5

A great fictional hero roamed the dry and windy plains shown in the image above. His mind was on adventure and romance, and he found his fill of both. Can you identify the novel and the place?

Here are a few clues:

• He loved a woman who was known … Read the rest

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An Epic City: Litkicks Mystery Spot #4

Yes, it’s time for another literary quiz inspired by Google Maps. The hero of a novel lived at a spot visible in the image above, north of the river that streams through the city. What is the name of this epic city, and what is the name of the novel? … Read the rest

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