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Beats & Blues & Poker

I’m psyched to be included in an impressive series of interviews about the Beat Generation conducted by Michael Limnios at Blues @ Greece, a Greek web publication devoted to underground music and culture.

I particularly like the question Michael asked me about Beat writers and poker (which shows that … Read the rest

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On The Road: Sal Paradise Hits The Silver Screen

The new movie called On The Road begins in an outdoor Manhattan parking lot. Sweaty rushed Dean Moriarty is seen in close-up, screeching big blocky cars into tight spots as customers grimace in disapproval. Dean’s new friend Sal Paradise stands by, watching with admiration. Like Dean Moriarty himself, Jack Kerouac’s … Read the rest

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Why Reading Is Always Social

“Is reading social?” The question has been going around the litsphere, though many who have answered have reached for a middle ground between the disconcerting idea of social (and Internet-connected) literature and the more traditional notion of reading as an intensely private and solitary activity. I don’t see much … Read the rest

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Unearthed! The 1949 Great Gatsby Film

Surprise! I have wished my entire literate life to see the 1949 film version of The Great Gatsby, which starred Alan Ladd as Jay Gatsby and Betty Field as Daisy Buchanan. This was the second attempt to film F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, and like the 1926 version starring Warner … Read the rest

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Raymond Chandler and the Blue Dahlia Gambit

I learned about drinking whiskey, specifically bourbon whiskey, from Raymond Chandler. Actually, I recently read in his letters that Chandler was more of a gin man. So I really learned about drinking whiskey from Chandler’s alter ego, Philip Marlowe.

Actually, “drinking” is not the best description of how Marlowe imbibed … Read the rest

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