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The Memory Business

1. Billy Joel had a contract to write a memoir, but got cold feet. Too bad. We know this Long Island boy can write, and I bet he had some stories to tell. The alleged book (my personal guess is that he never began it, though the cover artwork … Read the rest

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The Wind-Up

It’s getting to be around that time in December when I put up a wrap-up post and disappear for a week or two.

I stopped by the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City recently, and was once again energized (a visit always helps) by the spirit in that eclectic … Read the rest

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Quaintly Prep (Again)

(Here’s our correspondent Alan Bisbort taking on the new version of a classic 1980s text that he never liked … and still doesn’t. — Levi)

The other night in Hartford, Christopher Buckley — you know, of the Stamford Buckleys — was going on about how “uncivil” the world has become. … Read the rest

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That New Book Smell

1. The e-book scene (also known as the d-book scene, if you read Booksquare) is buzzing again with news of Amazon’s new iPhone Kindle application, which allows readers to enjoy the considerable benefits of the Kindle store without buying a bulky and expensive dedicated device.

Does this mean I’m … Read the rest

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