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Hitchhiking With Vanessa

“A small crowd gathered around the dumpster in the rain. Word filtered back that the girl was a teenage hitchhiker. I remember thinking that it could be me, because I was also a teenage hitchhiker.”

That’s Vanessa Veselka, up-and-coming novelist and Litkicks favorite, telling a harrowing true story about … Read the rest

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Under Worlds

1. This rather remarkable painting, titled Hansel and Gretel, was painted by Zelda Fitzgerald in 1947.

2. Speaking of difficult literary ex-wives: earlier this year I wrote an article about T. S. Eliot’s Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and the Broadway show Cats in which I suggested that the … Read the rest

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Nobel Dreams

1. After a whole lot of passionate (and incorrect) guessing, Mario Vargas Llosa has won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature (the dapper fellow above just announced it on a live webcast from Stockholm). I must admit that, while I once enjoyed hearing from this Peruvian novelist at … Read the rest

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Detroit Housewife Writes Play

1. “Detroit Housewife Writes Play”. That’s how Joyce Carol Oates says she was received as a young beginning writer as she reminisced during a special event Monday night at the Smithsonian Institution. I’ve heard this writer speak before and in fact enjoyed it enough to want to hear her again … Read the rest

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Reviewing the Review: September 20 2009

Long ago I used to sit around on lazy days and read short stories by William Trevor, the august Irish author who turned 81 this year. I haven’t sat around reading William Trevor for a long time, but a gentle review of his Love and Summer by Thomas Mallon in … Read the rest

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