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Keeping Emerson Around

An amusing Chronicle of Higher Education article by William Major and Bryan Sinche calling for the delisting of Ralph Waldo Emerson from the literary canon has been making the rounds. I even linked to it myself, because I enjoy strong words like these:

Because of Emerson’s obscurantist and peripatetic

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Where I’m From 2010

1. Forest Hills. I don’t know these people but I feel like I do.

2. Forget Roy Kroc and Colonel Sanders. When it comes to fast food genius, Glen “Taco” Bell was the man. He actually invented the hard shell taco, and is one of my heroes. He died on Read the rest

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1. Thank you to my generous readers for allowing me to workshop my memoir on this site during the full course of this year. I quietly announced this project last December, and when I look back at my initial announcement I see how much my concept has evolved since … Read the rest

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A Walden Play

I’ve been working hard, and I really need this three-day weekend coming my way. Hell yeah!

Another surprise guest will be writing this weekend’s review of the New York Times Book Review. Check back on Sunday for, I hope, a wholly new perspective.

Till then, just a few links for … Read the rest

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Big Thinking: Thoreau and the Economy

In several posts between now and the end of the 2008 USA Presidential election on November 4, LitKicks is going to attempt a new meme, a new venture. How can we use the wisdom of classic literature to help illuminate the tough issues of the day? Many of us feel … Read the rest

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