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Philosophy Weekend: Kierkegaard’s Either-Or

The great Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard never married, but he anguished for years over the existential personal puzzle of love and marriage. He transformed the question into a revolutionary book, Either-Or, published anonymously as Enten-Eller in 1943. This debut work immediately captivated readers, and would turn out to be … Read the rest

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Lautréamont, the Other

(This introduction to a too-little-known French author is the Litkicks debut of Eamon Loingsigh, whose novella An Affair of Concoctions can be sampled here).

I didn’t come across Comte de Lautréamont right away. I found him only after a long search for the most furious literature I could find, … Read the rest

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Detroit Housewife Writes Play

1. “Detroit Housewife Writes Play”. That’s how Joyce Carol Oates says she was received as a young beginning writer as she reminisced during a special event Monday night at the Smithsonian Institution. I’ve heard this writer speak before and in fact enjoyed it enough to want to hear her again … Read the rest

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