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Greenwich Village

Centuries ago, the term ‘New-York City’ referred to a tiny but bustling commercial center on the southern tip of Manhattan Island. Greenwich Village, a long walk away from what was then ‘the city,’ was an actual village; that is, people lived there because they didn’t want to live in the … Read the rest

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The Birthplace of the Beat Movement

What could be less ‘beat’ than Columbia University? This grand old Ivy League university may not even want to be the birthplace of the Beat Generation, but the fact is that that a young man named Jack Kerouac enrolled there on a football … Read the rest

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Lowell, Massachusetts is a small industrial city on the Merrimack River north of Boston. It was an important textile manufacturing center in the late 19th Century, and Charles Dickens, on a tour of American industrial sites, wrote approvingly of living conditions there.

But Lowell’s economy declined significantly by the time … Read the rest

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