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Nine Concerts In Search of Lou Reed

In the past 34 years I’ve seen Lou Reed in concert nine times. The last show was in 2011. The first was on July 10, 1979 at a nightclub called My Father’s Place in Roslyn, Long Island. I was 17 years old.

Why did I spend 34 years of my … Read the rest

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The Space of an Idea

I had an idea for a blog post. I’m on summer vacation — not exactly on a beach, but near one — so I didn’t finish it in time. Since my idea was for a blog post about the idea of a blog post, I’m not sure if this is … Read the rest

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Our Tech/Lit Spaces

As hard as this is to believe, this summer will mark the 19th birthday of Literary Kicks. I really have no idea why I’ve been doing it this long. I once had a reason; I forgot it. I guess I’m still having fun, though sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Because … Read the rest

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Lost In The Woods

in the middle of the journey of the life we share together
i became lost in the woods, and could not find the correct path

Dante, the Divine Comedy

I am not actually lost in the woods, though I know I promised to finish the redesign and relaunch of Literary … Read the rest

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The Two Book Reviews I Couldn’t Write

This is a story about blogger’s block, and about two novels I tried to review and couldn’t.

I liked one of the two novels a lot, and didn’t like the other one at all. One had been sent to me by the author, the other by a friendly publicist, and … Read the rest

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