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Nobel Dreams

1. After a whole lot of passionate (and incorrect) guessing, Mario Vargas Llosa has won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature (the dapper fellow above just announced it on a live webcast from Stockholm). I must admit that, while I once enjoyed hearing from this Peruvian novelist at … Read the rest

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Reviewing the Review: December 13 2009

It’s a funny thing about book reviews. It’s been documented by publishing industry researchers that a negative book review can sometimes bump sales as well as a positive one, and good writers have bemoaned the fact that a great review, even a great front cover review in the New York … Read the rest

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Reviewing the Review: June 7 2009

It’s kind of a dirty trick to assign the well-known political writer Paul Berman, who has railed against Latin American left-wing leaders like Che Guevera, Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro, to review Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Life by Gerald Martin. A major biography of a literary giant must be considered … Read the rest

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Bolano Nearly Broke Me

(Please enjoy the LitKicks debut of Jay Diamond, whose credits include Heeb Magazine and his own Hex Ed Journal)

“If you’re not with me tomorrow, that would be the worst.”
-Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

Roberto Bolano once remarked that everything he wrote was “a letter of love or of goodbye.” … Read the rest

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The Man in Black

In 1919 the character of Zorro first appeared in a pulp magazine story titled The Curse Of Capistrano. Over the years the legend of Zorro has won many fans with the story of Spanish California’s own version of Robin Hood. It seems the legend of Diego de la Vega … Read the rest

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