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Philosophy Weekend: Because War is a Form of Language

It’s because words are such effective tools of communication that we sometimes fail to realize how often we communicate without them. A conversation is sometimes a physical exchange. These conversations carry meaning that can only exist in the physical realm.

We signify to each other with words, with gestures, with … Read the rest

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Philosophy Weekend: Thinking Like Wittgenstein

Ludwig Wittgenstein is one of the most respected philosophers of the modern age, though it’s often hard to read his books or grasp his message. This is unfortunate because his work is vitally important for every human being to understand. What’s most important is not necessarily the conclusions this philosopher … Read the rest

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Colson Whitehead’s Gloomy Game

I was nothing but psyched when I heard that postmodern novelist Colson Whitehead was writing a book about poker. Sure sounded like a great idea to me.

Whitehead is a clever, acidic satirist with a gift for inventive situations and touching emotional connections. Can he write? Absolutely — novels like … Read the rest

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Philosophy Weekend: A Bedrock Philosophy for Pacifists

I sometimes wonder if pacifism needs the kind of bedrock philosophy that more popular ideologies like conservativism and communism have.

A firm rooting in philosophy helps an ideology stand its ground firmly. I’ve noticed that American conservatives are very quick to cite John Locke or David Hume, along with (variously) … Read the rest

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