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The Memory Business

1. Billy Joel had a contract to write a memoir, but got cold feet. Too bad. We know this Long Island boy can write, and I bet he had some stories to tell. The alleged book (my personal guess is that he never began it, though the cover artwork … Read the rest

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Under Worlds

1. This rather remarkable painting, titled Hansel and Gretel, was painted by Zelda Fitzgerald in 1947.

2. Speaking of difficult literary ex-wives: earlier this year I wrote an article about T. S. Eliot’s Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and the Broadway show Cats in which I suggested that the … Read the rest

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Eyedea: Even Shadows Have Shadows

The minutes get shorter, the walls start to close in
Feels like the brain is hanging on but with clothes pins
I’ve hidden in the darkness for too long
I make it look all right but in the inside its so wrong
I want life to change but I don’t

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Philosophy Weekend: KRS-One Speaks

Today’s guest philosopher is the great KRS-One. Despite the title, the classic Boogie Down Productions track “My Philosophy” doesn’t directly address questions of epistemology, ethics or metaphysics. But it says a whole lot, and you can’t deny the vocal stylings of KRS. In a few seconds, a philosopher will begin … Read the rest

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