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Enter Sandman: Neil Gaiman at PEN World Voices

Neil Gaiman at PEN World Voices

There’s a certain kind of author whose cool sneaks up on one so quietly, hastily, and tardily that the only legitimate response for the (otherwise) well-read savant may be to reject this problematic writer, now the ne plus ultra of the literary set, out of hand.

If you’ve been “in” … Read the rest

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Jeff VanderMeer, The Hardest Working Man in Fantasy

In close proximity to primordial Florida swamps, branch-shrouded canopy roads, and Kafkaesque state capital intrigues, Jeff and Ann VanderMeer are Tallahassee’s greatest unnatural resource.

Ann is the fiction editor of Weird Tales Magazine, its continuing mission to publish brilliantly strange original material unavailable anywhere else. Jeff is on the cutting … Read the rest

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In Search of Beowulf

I first discovered Beowulf when I was around ten years old. On rainy weekends, when my brother and I started to wreak too much havoc inside the house, my father would round us up and read us poetry. I’m not sure if he felt that poetry would have a calming … Read the rest

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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Let me begin this review by saying that if there were awards for being an ADD poster child, then I’m sure I’d have a shelf covered with trophies. Concentrating on a single task for longer than two minutes is something I just don’t do, so reading an entire novel in … Read the rest

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