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Chapter 20: Webby Valley

Webby Awards laminate from 1998
(This is chapter 20 of my ongoing memoir of the Internet industry.)

I went to San Francisco in March 1998 to attend the Webby Awards. Literary Kicks was a nominee in the Print/Zines category. I was up against Salon (a well-financed new content venture), the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (exciting stuff!), a … Read the rest

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Looking for J. M. G. Le Clezio, Nobel Laureate

Kenyon Review asks:

So let’s say you wanted to read something by the 2008 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio. You might go to Amazon, where you’d find that, aside from four books published by noncommercial presses — including only two of his novels, Wandering Star, published Read the rest

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1. Random House, trying something new, is giving away free PDF copies of Charles Bock’s acclaimed novel Beautiful Children. Like every other blogger who has talked about this, I think Random House is doing a very good thing (The Millions blog even asked them to explain why they’re doing … Read the rest

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Don’t Underestimate The Quills

1. The three-year-old Quill Book Awards don’t get a lot of respect in the book biz. Among my favorite litblogs, only GalleyCat begrudged last week’s ceremony at New York City’s Lincoln Center any attention at all, and the only print or online news outlets I found providing any real coverage … Read the rest

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Now I Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Page Turner

Bono is still the undisputed savior of the Earth, Paul is not dead and Kanye rolled out yet another performance of ‘Golddigger’ … that must mean the Grammys are over. But before we put away our red carpets and martini glasses, there are still plenty of book awards flying around … Read the rest

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