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A Quest Among the Bewildered

“And all the long days, I kept asking “Why are we running?”

Wulf Zendik (1920-1999) began working on “a Quest Among the Bewildered,” his first full-length work, in 1957, at the artistic height of the Beat Generation. Set in both the Hollywood Hills and the Left Bank of Paris (where … Read the rest

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Wulf Zendik

Zendik, n. Sanskrit: outlaw, heretic, one outside the established order.

Wulf Zendik (1920-1999), poet, novelist, philosopher, musician and underground icon, was born in El Paso, Texas and grew up in pre-WW II Los Angeles. His father was a printer, Golden Gloves boxer and opera singer. His mother, crippled by polio … Read the rest

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