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The First of Many Wells

“You know what the worst part about working with him was?
He always wanted you to use some weird fucking form.” -T. Borchers

For most people, Agha Shahid Ali’s name is synonymous with the “English ghazal” or “American ghazal”. He is the one known for bringing the ghazal to English, … Read the rest

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Opinion: Essential Elements of Haiku

I thought this list might help others improve their craft. These are the essential elements of haiku as advocated by The Heron’s Nest (from editor Ferris Gilli):

    Concrete imagery
    Conciseness (clarity, brevity)
    Effective juxtaposition
    Natural syntax
    Common language
    Balance of humanity and nature
    Sense of mood
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Rhyme in Ghazals

One of the major problems when writing in a form such as the ghazal-a form in which repetition plays such a major role-is keeping the rhyme fresh at all times. If the rhyme stagnates, the poem will fail, no matter how potent the images themselves may be. This essay will … Read the rest

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Two Ghazal Poets

Within recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in formal poetry, including ‘new’ or ‘original’ forms. One such form is, of course, the ghazal, which in reality can be traced back at least a thousand years, with roots going even deeper. However, the form is indeed new to … Read the rest

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