The Man in Black

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In 1919 the character of Zorro first appeared in a pulp magazine story titled The Curse Of Capistrano. Over the years the legend of Zorro has won many fans with the story of Spanish California's own version of Robin Hood. It seems the legend of Diego de la Vega is alive and well in a new novel, aptly titled Zorro, penned by best-selling author Isabel Allende. Allende was approached by the family that still holds the rights to the Zorro character and was asked to bring the Spanish fox to life once more. Will Allende's interpretation of Zorro's story ring true with die-hard fans? Initial reviews of the novel, which is in stores now, seem positive. We may have a whole new generation of Zorro fans in the making, as a new Zorro film is due out this fall.
4 Responses to "The Man in Black"

by anniefay on

The Man in Black, Zorro?I have always been a Zorro fan. Way back to the original Disney tv series. I never missed it and hated when it was no more. I loved the Hopkins/Banderas film and watch it occasionaly just for the fun of it. I'm sure I'll enjoy a new Zorro film (who will play Zorro, do you know?)...but really now, we all know that The Man In Black will always be Johnny Cash.

by firecracker on

I think I'm going to pick up this book and see how it goes -- let me know what you think if you check it out. I think the film is a continuation of the most recent film and Banderas will reprise the role -- apparently Allende's all tingly about it.

by anniefay on

Antonio as Zorro, again! I feel a bit tingly myself. I'll look for the book... shur nuff!

by Billectric on

Sherlock HolmesA similar revival took place when Nicholas Meyer wrote some Sherlock Holmes stories in the 1970s, at least one of which was made into a movie (The Seven Per Cent Solution).