Zadie Smith: England Sucks

Author Zadie Smith, whose On Beauty is on the shortlist for the Booker Prize for Fiction, describes her country as “a disgusting place, it’s terrifying. Maybe I’m just getting old.” Maybe, though she’s only 29, so I’m sure it’s something else. We’re not ones to argue, but I’m not sure this is going to play with the British judges. She did also add that “In a novel you’re never wrong. Novelists aren’t intellectuals, they’re just intuitive, if they’re lucky.” Whether you agree or not, I think that’s a pretty interesting statement, especially when many seem to be turning to authors, musicians and actors for influence and guidance. Maybe all they want to do is write some books, I have a feeling they’re not the only ones.

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  1. all I know is,when I was in
    all I know is,

    when I was in London, a hamburger and milk shake were way too expensive. And that was years ago, before the cow problem.

  2. I’ve never beenI’ve never
    I’ve never been

    I’ve never been to a disgusting country. In Sweden the forests are public property. In Panama you can dance ’til daybreak. Italy is the most beautiful place I’ve seen. Venice is the most beautiful city. Wyoming is wildly unique. Wiesbaden Germany is a nice place, but I’d rather be in London than anywhere. If artists cannot enlighten as well as entertain, maybe they should be quiet.

  3. Well, Ms. Smith is certainly
    Well, Ms. Smith is certainly entitled to her opinion and as a citizen of the country, I suppose she’s better qualified to state it than most. As for enlightening rather than entertaining, I’d prefer the latter. Personally, I seek enlightenment outside the realm of novels, cds and movies. An author/musician/actor does not necessarily a guru make.

  4. firecracker…perhaps a stay
    firecracker…perhaps a stay in the Tower of London will change your tune…

  5. I wooda like to go there an
    I wooda like to go there an meet Ali G but I’d be scared they throw me in the Tower and feed me to the Beefeaters.

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