Yeah Whatever Go Already

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Brooklyn will get over it pretty quick.

(More like this.)

5 Responses to "Yeah Whatever Go Already"

by Alex on

I am ignorant, but did David Foster Wallace put Pomona College on the literary map?

by Milton on

Alex -- Lethem is actually going to be DFW's direct successor as Pomona's creative writing professor. There's a filet mignon-to-Hamburger Helper proposition if ever there was one.

by Gregoryno6 on

If the chap in the photo was going anywhere, I would have guessed it was a seminary. Got that SERIOUS look real bad.

by steph niko on

Yes, David Foster Wallace taught at Pomona. Eric Puchner ("Model Home") taught at Claremont McKenna. Ruben Martinez ("Crossing Over") has taught at Pitzer College. Scripps College often brings in award-winning authors for special events. The Claremont Consortium is steadily growing in its literary endeavors.

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