Thompson’s Widow to Launch New Mag

The Aspen Times reports that Anita Thompson, widow of Hunter S. Thompson, is set to co-edit a new magazine focusing on the Woody Creek, Colorado community. The magazine’s exact format and content isn’t quite known yet, but it should be interesting to watch this develop. The new publication, titled The Woody Creeker, will begin in February.

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  1. Ah, the formidable double-dog
    Ah, the formidable double-dog dare . . . I can’t back down from that . . .

  2. Hey…I’m in, if this is an

    I’m in, if this is an open torney…if my words can be read by Gonzo’s wife’s eyes…I’m definitely in…

  3. Now all we need to do is find
    Now all we need to do is find out (1) What we want to write, and
    (2) Where to send it

  4. Does anyone know what they’re
    Does anyone know what they’re looking for? I’m up for a co-op or thread piece on whatever topic they like…could be pretty cool, and I’m sure Gonzo’s ashes would approve…

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