Yeah, the server crashed and we were down for two days. I don’t want to talk about it.

Here are some links I’ve been saving up …

1. How would Joseph Heller, author of Catch-22, vote today? His daughter Erica Heller tells us her guess, charmingly.

2. Sean Quinn of sneaks in a neat On The Road reference.

3. A new device, the Pony E-Reader, via Ed.

4. Dancing, dancing with Mr. K.

5. Keyboardist Merl Saunders, who distinguished himself as a member of the Jerry Garcia Band, has died.

6. Speaking of keyboardists, did you think the recent death of Pink Floyd’s sublime Rick Wright got lost in the shuffle? Here’s a well-deserved appreciation by Sean Murphy.

7. Eminem has written a book.

8. They didn’t win the World Series, but Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Fernando Perez can enjoy the best consolation: literature.

9. Carolyn Kellogg catches a grammar error in the New York Times. They’re probably short on copy editors lately.

10. Don’t forget, November 4 is Cooping Day!

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  1. Glad you are back online.
    Glad you are back online. Interesting piece about the deceased writer, Joseph Heller, not voting. I was really suprised by it. I think, like his daughter, that he may have voted in this election. Yes, kind folks and gentle people, all your individual votes count. A bundle of sticks is not a bundle without each one of the sticks. There is strength in numbers. One is the loneliest number but numbers add up. VOTE! Place a vote for the Democratic revolution. Participate!

  2. You’re right, Steve.
    You’re right, Steve. Especially with all the vote counting problems we’ve had in Florida. Those flaws had probably existed for years, but it took an extremely close election to expose them.

    And I’m glad Litkicks is back!

  3. Yes. I will vote. I always
    Yes. I will vote. I always vote. I voted for the first time for Jimmy Carter, then Barry Commoner…I am afraid however, that with DIEBOLD, the fix is in. Which is why I say I can only hope that VOTING will actually determine the outcome of this predidential election.

    Same sex marriage, legal here, is under attack by oh so many bigoted Californians. We’ll see.

    An idea for the savvy artisan/entrepreneur: bride/bride groom/groom couples to place atop a wedding cake. A college of mine looked everywhere for her sons wedding last month; no groom/grooms!

  4. Sorry, Levi. I appreciate the
    Sorry, Levi. I appreciate the mention of the passing of the great Merl Saunders, but that masterful solo on “Lucky Old Sun” was actually played by Melvin Seals, keyboardist for the latter-day JGB. Merl’s time in the Garcia band was effectively over by 1975.

  5. Michael — oh no, you are
    Michael — oh no, you are right! My only excuse is the coincidence of MS initials — “Merl Saunders”, “Melvin Seals”. I’ll correct the shoutout to Seals’ solo on “Lucky Old Sun” above.

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