Visions of Moby

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Moby Dick has been making the rounds. "There Are Whales Alive Today Who Were Born Before Moby Dick Was Written", says a new article in Smithstonian magazine. That's pretty wild. So is this gorgeous video of a couple of people swimming with a sperm whale.

I also thought of ol' Moby when I heard about a new video of a giant squid in its own habitat. Because giant squids live in such deep water, it has been extremely difficult to take living pictures of them, and this video is the closest view we have ever had. A giant squid, of course, was Moby Dick's preferred meal (they tasted much better than peg-legged humans).

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Ahh, I love my 19th century books, and Moby Dick always comes out on top :)

Those are some old whales! Incredible... and a beautiful video of such a peaceful and curious sperm whale encounter :)

This is one of my favorite videos displaying the might of whales... not a sperm whale, but a cousin :)

I remember watching a behind-the-scenes of the cameramen talking about filming this (they were NOT expecting a whale haha)... it was priceless.. they certainly gained a new level of respect for the terribly awesome (in the old-school sense) magnificence of whales! (unfortunately I can never manage to find that behind-the-scenes clip again, don't know where I saw it!)

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