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The following ads have appeared in the LitKicks Visibility Program rotation. This program is designed to allow small presses, individual self-publishers, alternative-minded writers, chapbook poets, owners of legitimate small businesses related to writing, and creative people in all fields to reach a buying audience. Please look at these ads, click on the links and buy their excellent stuff!

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1352 Leopold Street

a poetry chapbook

by Jolee Clarke-Moffett

A Quest Among The Bewildered

paranoia and madness in free-form prose

by Wulf Zendik

Alabama Wildman

selected writings and photos

by Thurston Moore

An Eye For An Eye

Makes The Whole World Blind

by Allen Cohen & Clive Matson, Editors

Another Side of Love

a free-jazz romantic opera

by Dave Rave and Mark McCarron

AudioBooks Today


Barry Fitton

poetry, straight outta amsterdam

Beat Generation

Books, Videos and DVDs

Becoming Angel

an absorbing novel of angst & lost love

by Jim Cherry

Blood Electric

Fiction for the 21st Century

by Kenji Siratori

Bukowski: Born Into This Soundtrack

Collector's edition CD features film score, Buk readings, written poetry

Compassionate Imperialism

a wake-up call to a slumbering country

by Terry Provost


a novel

by Chuck Palahniuk

Duckwalking Thru The Apocalypse

Words, collage & a poetry billboard from the city of angels.

by S.A. Griffin

Electric Review

a fine-arts broadside

Evergreen Review

the landmark literary journal


howlings and hauntings: a powerful prog rock CD

by Phideaux Xavier


a poetry chapbook

Horns and Halos

an important new film about a writer, a publisher and a presidential candidate

Larry Keenan

Classic Photography from the Beat Generation to Today

Last-Ditch Effort at Insomnia

a dream sequence in 20 parts (a poetry chapbook)

by jamelah earle

LitKicks Summer Poetry Shindig!

Meet your LitKicks friends and bring your poems ... June 28 in Battle Creek, Michigan. Don't miss it!

Looking Glass

Empty Mind Images

by Cecil B. Lee


a how-to guide for life

by Allen, Ford, Harpold, et. al

Messenger from the Summer of Love

a spiritual journey

by David Rey Echt

Notes From Underground

dostoevsky in new york city

by Levi Asher

Olympia E-Books

Literary and Erotic Classics from the Fabled Olympia Press

Poetic Inhalation

an online literary collective

Sketches of a Return Journey

a prose chapbook

by Jamelah Faith Earle

Soho Virtual Art Gallery

bringing the world's art to your computer screen

The Bell

an anti-war song (free mp3)

by Stephan Smith

The Big Book Of Sad Songs

Volume .01

by Paul Hyde

The Chinese Walking Stick

a cancer survivor travels the world

by Eugene Weisberger

The Healing Fountain

An Introduction To Poetry Therapy

by G. Chavez & L. L. Weisberger

The Heart Has Many Signals

a poetry collection

by Lightning Rod

The Klan Unmasked

the classic true story of a hate group infiltrator

by Stetson Kennedy

The Man Who Loved Plants

chlorophyllic romantic madness

by Edgar Oliver

The Pulling Moon

lesbian techno-goth vision

by Heidi Wyss


a unique writer's workshop

The Sam Edwine Pentateuch

A series of five novels following a disruptive Gargantua from the Far West to the Extreme Orient

by Tom Bradley

The Summer Of The Mets

an 80's love story

by Levi Asher

Three Thirds

a novel about a train wreck, the corporation and rural bohemia

by Joseph Sullivan

Tiger's Milk

poems from the cage

by Levi Asher

Time Fades Into Next

What if the Kerouac scroll were stolen? 5 Short Stories, including "Cut Up (The Stolen Scroll)" and more ...

by Billectric


haiku for your mobile device


new songs and other things

by Patti Smith

Who Owns Jack Kerouac?

a film about a writer's daughter, and a legacy

by Jack Shea

Wisdom's Maw

a 1960's conspiracy-noir

by Todd Brendan Fahey

Words Without Borders

the international lit scene

Zapata's Horse

a small jazz/bebop band tries to find God, and a good sound

by Joseph H. Coleman



by Robert Paul Miller

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