Virtual Dylan Thomas

Here’s an interesting example of history, literature and technology intersecting … Using photographs, computer imagery, 3-D animation and scans from Thomas’ death mask, photographer Bernard Mitchell has created a virtual likeness of the Welsh poet reading his own work — in his own voice. While there is no existing footage of the real Dylan Thomas, the five minute digital film clip takes advantage of the audio recordings he left behind.

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  1. HmmmDoes anyone else find

    Does anyone else find this slightly absurd? Just because a thing is possible does not make it necessary. I just get this horrible image of the world turning into a sci-fi movie with me as the poor bastard being chased by a robotic Dylan Thomas wailing out “Do not go gentle into that good night.” My mind encouraging itself by mumbling, “Rage, RAGE against the dying of the light!”

  2. I like moreas a reminder of
    I like more

    as a reminder of Dylan Thomas … like the face of Greenday

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