Twelve Monkeys (Or, Okay, Links)

— It is essential that we kick things off today with dinosaur comics.

— And then it’s time for the Farrar, Straus & Giroux poetry blog, The Best Words in their Best Order.

— Continuing on the poetry theme, here is part 1 of an interview with Canadian poet David Solway on what makes a poem great.

Walt Whitman revered as prophet.

The Bible, reviewed.

— Interested in a free eBook copy of The Pisstown Chaos, perhaps?

Sexism in the New York Times Book Review. (Via Feministing)

— In light of Patrick French’s new biography on VS Naipaul, which documents the writer’s racism, cruelty and mood swings (among other things) Paul Theroux says he was too kind in his own biography, Sir Vidia’s Shadow.

— Here’s a review of John Burrow’s A History of Histories.

Nicholson Baker on Wikipedia love.

Gillian Tindall reviews Glued Together By Their Lies, a biography of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre by Carole Seymour Jones.

— Gerard deGroot’s The Sixties Unplugged reviewed on

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  1. As far as that guy who
    As far as that guy who reviewed the Bible goes, he comes across as so pathetically stupid, it’s amazing. Did he read without any comprehension whatsoever?
    I hope no one looks to him as like an expert or something. Ugh!

    (i.e. – Somebody tell him Noah took 7 of clean animals, so sacrficing one of them after the Flood was no big deal. There would still be pairs of animals left. It actually showed appreciation on his part, for being carried through the waters. But, actually, he did what God commanded him to do. Here’s what Gen 7:2 says if you don’t believe me: “Of every clean beast you must take to yourself by sevens, the sire and its mate; and of every beast that is not clean just two, the sire and its mate)

  2. I think what happened is,
    I think what happened is, Noah got so tired of the whole braying, bleeting, pissing, stinking menagerie that when he finally got off the ark, he said, “Alright, let’s see if you fuckers can burn two-at-a-time!”

  3. Hey, folks, all satire aside,
    Hey, folks, all satire aside, after the Great Flood the animals did proliferate along with the humans and now we, as humankind, have forgotten our stewardship of our mother Earth as Father Sky intrusted with us.
    Time to get on the stick and save the remnant which remains. We need to conserve our fellow creatures again, plant new trees and reserve original plants seeds. There is a time for reaping and a time for planting. It is planting time. We need to watch out for our fellow fauna and flora and become good shepards again. Best yet, we need to share the water.

  4. Great links, JE! I love
    Great links, JE! I love Qwantz! Fans of the dinosaur humor may also enjoy Wondermark (

    Walt Whitman, save us! I did this thing in college. Called it The First Church of Walt Whitman Resurrected. We read Whitman poems like revival preachers. Then we had a seance and tried to get Whitman to show himself. To no avail. Then we ate a whole box of chocolates.

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