Thousand Page Blues

1. In between making videos for LitKicks and arguing with me about Roman Polanski, Jamelah Earle asked me to write a piece commemorating the 1000th front page feature for the wonderful “tribal photography” website Utata. I was honored to do so. I am not much of a photographer myself, but I recommend this vibrant and friendly community to anybody who is.

2. New York spoken word poet Lemon Anderson, who you might have caught if you ever watched Def Poetry Jam, is starring in his own autobiographical play at the Public Theater, County of Kings. This play is a Spike Lee joint.

3. My buddy and former co-author Christian Crumlish has just published his latest book: Designing Social Interfaces. This book is an O’Reilly joint.

4. Blues expert and ethnomusicologist Sam Charters has a new book, A Language of Song: Journeys in the Musical World of the African Diaspora, and describes how he helped unearth the recordings of Robert Johnson recently on the New York Times Paper Cuts blog. When Sam Charters talks about music, listen.

5. Fictionaut is a beautifully designed online writing community, just out of beta. Let’s see where this one goes.

6. Naked poets in Canada.

7. Vol 1 Brooklyn presents Battle of the New York Nerds.

8. Simon Owens on xkcd and what newspaper cartoonists can learn from web comics.

9. Wrestling poems. I don’t really get it, but maybe John Irving would.

10. “And there’s one kind favor I’ll ask of you
and there’s one kind favor I’ll ask of you
and there’s one kind favor I’ll ask of you …
See that my grave is running Solaris.”

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  1. Let’s talk about Jamelah for
    Let’s talk about Jamelah for a moment.

    Her eye for taking photos is remarkable and her work constantly amazes me. She already had one of her pictures chosen for a book cover and I think that’s only the beginning.

    Jamelah, when you become known as the famous Shutterbug Earle, don’t forget, we once shared a plate of french fries in the Village and you still owe me $2.17 for your half of the bill.

  2. Wrestling poems. John Irving
    Wrestling poems. John Irving and University of Oregon champ Ken Kesey

  3. Yeah, Ann is married to Sam
    Yeah, Ann is married to Sam — I see connections in their books as well.

  4. Thanks again for the article,
    Thanks again for the article, Levi. I’m glad you wrote it.

    Bill, I remember having dinner, though I was a bit drunk at the time. Anyway, if I am ever famous, I promise I will send you a check for $2.17.

  5. xkcd is interesting history.
    xkcd is interesting history. I’d wondered what really set off the stick figure web-cartooning thing and I’m assuming this was it.

  6. I went around to all my
    I went around to all my Livejournal illustratorcartoonist buddies’ LJs and dropped a link to this article. It turned out I’ve more of them than I realized.

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