The Patron Saint of Twitter

1. Isn’t it somebody’s job to say clever things like “Jenny Holzer is the patron saint of twitter“? I guess it falls to me if nobody else wants to. Anyway, noted 90s-era electric sign artist Jenny Holzer has a new show at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

2. Apparently it’s a lot of people’s job, though, to crack jokes about the annoying news that ex-President George W. Bush will be inflicting upon us a book. Just what we needed, right? I will not be reading this book, though I do retain a fascination with this enigma, this monument of know-nothing American chauvinism, as he fades into his sunset days. Bush’s post-Presidential strategy seems to involve nursing a public feud with Dick Cheney and practically apologizing to the American people for his clear failure in leadership. Hand it to the guy — it’s the best strategy he could have come up with, though it still won’t earn him a spot on Mount Rushmore. Anyway, I hope nobody buys “The Decider For Dummies” or whatever this bad book is going to be called.

3. Here’s a much better farewell: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper is shutting down, and newly unemployed book critic John Marshall has posted favorite memories of his Seattle book-critic days. I hope Marshall will continue generating literary memories, on a blog or somewhere. For more on the morbid gasps of the print newspaper industry, here’s a contrarian but heartening take from Ed Champion: The Covenant.

4. An interesting online reading trend in China.

5. Survey Says is a book of poetry inspired by Family Feud, from a new indie publisher called Black Maze Books.

6. A new dedicated litblog: How Books Got Their Titles.

7. Devo traces the lyrics of “Whip It” back to Thomas Pynchon and Horatio Alger. I had no idea.

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  1. “Jenny Holzer is the patron
    “Jenny Holzer is the patron of twitter” is a statement to delight the imagination, it is also
    the cononised territory of Saint Clare.
    I approve of the demcracy of the saints, in the the meantime, Saint Jenny of Twitter, may be cosidered premature. And, rumours of the impending canonisation of the twittering classes may be greatly exaggerated.

  2. A few years ago, my son and a
    A few years ago, my son and a bunch of his friends, along with my wife’s brother and one of her cousins, were all into that WWE, or WWF, whatever it was called, you know, the fake wrestling with Vince McMahon and The Rock and that whole spectacle. I always pissed them off when I said it was fake.

    So, just before Christmas, a wrestler named Mankind wrote a book. My wife’s brother bought a copy for himself and one for his son as a Christmas present. Neither of them has ever read it. They don’t really read much.

    That is why Bush gets paid so much for his book. A bunch of people will buy it. Will they read it? maybe they will, maybe they won’t.

  3. Whip it was inspired by
    Whip it was inspired by turning whip cream cans upside down to get the nitrous oxide, a factoid I heard or read somewhere.

  4. I have been invited by the
    I have been invited by the John Updike Society of Perfected Golf Swingers to represent them in a mud wrestling competition with GWB. If only…

    It would be real.

    Tickets on sale now at Barns and Moble.

    Place: The Hamptons.

    I hear George is fat. And he has a little dick.

    Free cocktails after the match. Compliments of David Remnick, boy reporter.

    http::// — Tim Barrus, Some Marijuana Coffee Shop, Amsterdam

  5. Naturally, Jenny Holzer’s
    Naturally, Jenny Holzer’s twitter is not run by the artist. She knew nothing about it until recently.

    Not to nitpick, but Jenny Holzer’s work has spanned over four decades and takes a variety of forms so it’s a little inaccurate to describe her as the 90s-era electric sign artist.

  6. What I appreciate most about
    What I appreciate most about twitter is how quickly it grows, and how it’s always bringing innovative solutions to Find People, to promote your business, or to simply show what you’re interested in.

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