The Lunch at 50

1. If you’re in Chicago next week, you may want to join a 50th birthday party for Naked Lunch, the novel by William S. Burroughs that invented trippy postmodern noir way before Thomas Pynchon had the same idea. The Chicago birthday party (featuring folks like John Giorno, Bill Ayers, Penny Arcade, Peter Weller and James Grauerholz) is tied in to a new documentary movie, William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, directed by Yony Leyser that looks quite good.

2. I’m also really looking forward to a documentary film called One Fast Move and I’m Gone about Jack Kerouac’s crack-up novel Big Sur. The film’s original soundtrack ought to be something special: a series of original compositions based on Kerouac’s Big Sur by Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard and Son Volt’s Jay Farrar. Song titles include “California Zephyr”, “Breathe Our Iodine”, “Final Horrors” and “The Void”.

3. Charley Plymell on S. Clay Wilson.

4. Bill Ectric interviews poet and lyricist Pete Brown.

5. Paul Krassner writes about Woodstock in the Huffington Post.

6. Boing Boing on Alan Turing.

7. Kevin Birmingham’s upcoming book about the writing of Ulysses sounds quite good.

8. You’re a Good Man, Gregor Brown.

9. Xkcd ponders the Kindle.

10. Beauty Road-Test: KO Nailpolish by Laura Albert.

11. Fernando Pivano, the translator who introduced Beat literature to Italy, has died.

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  1. The singer singing the
    The singer singing the National Anthem, the caricature-voice jumping octaves. I like that scene in Naked Lunch.

    Twenty, thirty years ago, I couldn’t read Burroughs. Now, I sometimes find myself reading him.

    I’ve seen Barfly and Factotum. Can one order the Big Sur Film, find it in any video stores?

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