Flash Mob Visits The Strand

Some people think the Strand on Broadway and 12th Street in New York City is the best used book store in the world. Some other people hate it. And then there’s the occasional flash mob that converges to create a spontaneous Cell Phone Symphony by planting 60 highly synchronized phones in bag check (read about it, then check the video). Amusing and pointless, like so much that is good in life. Thanks to Judih for the tip.

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  1. i love ithighly amusing,
    i love it

    highly amusing, indeed.

    and pointless? only in so far as any symphony is pointless and idle pastime.

    i highly enjoyed it, especially the smiling guys — they made me smile all along.

    thanks to judih for pointing this out!

  2. ahhh, bookstores…I guess
    ahhh, bookstores…

    I guess everyone has their favorite bookstore. A book about bookstores might be interesting. A coffeetable book about bookstores. Probably have to throw in a few pictures of Bob Dylan and Michael McClure standing around, just so people would buy it.

    And advertise it on TV.

    Bookstores: The Book! Not available in any bookstore! Order now!”

    But seriously, I do have a favorite used book store here in Jacksonville. It’s called Chamblin’s Book Mine. Bittersweat memories of selling old comic books to them in the 1980’s when I was starving. But I’m over it now. One cool thing about Chamblin’s: Right beside the “Beat” section, there is a wall of books that opens like a secret panel. It’s just the entrance to their office, but to see a small, gypsy-like old lady emerge from that hidden door in a cloud of patchouli, when you are stoned – well, you can’t forget a thing like that.

  3. Memories….Back in the day

    Back in the day (when Hoboken was filled with mom & pop shops and not chain stores) there was the best bookstore. Alas, it is gone victimized by the ultra-hip and cool B&N which shoved off the little guy. What I loved best was the stroll through it’s shelves filled with creative writers and local artists and postcards galore…

    If you are a nostalgia-whore like myself, you just couldn’t get any better than heavily photocopied, self-published chapbooks and zines. Now that was entertainment!

  4. Best BuyMy friend in
    Best Buy

    My friend in Brooklynn told me they did something also at the Best Buy.

    These ‘performers’ are creating surreal moments. Love it.

  5. I totally agree with you!
    I totally agree with you! “Heavily photocopied, self-published chapbooks and zines” are great. I have a few old chapbooks that I’ve collected over the years and I’m glad I kept them. Some are really amatuer (like a book of poems by an Uncle of mine who died when I was very young) and some seem to have been at least semi-professional, like pamphlets you could buy at Souvenir shops in the Blue Ridge Mountains – true stories about shootings and hangings and such. Good stuff.

  6. the best buy gig is also
    the best buy gig is also grand!
    They organized 80 ‘agents’ to come to a Best Buy dressed as Best Buy employees.

    Their shtick was to stand around and be helpful – answering people’s questions and so on.

    the Big Boss didn’t dig it – thought that there was going to be a major heist.

    See the link for details.
    Best Buy Mission

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