Rites of Spring

1. To be a good litblogger, you can’t just sit back and think up good jokes about whatever is happening around you. You have to get out and make stuff happen, and that’s one reason why Ed Champion is probably the best litblogger on the planet right now. I’m inspired to declare this after reading his two (yes, two) recent mash-ups with the esteemed and intellectually intimidating William T. Vollman, who many avid readers wouldn’t even approach once. I especially like this part in the afterstory: “I said, ‘Gentlemen, that was a classic ditch technique'”.

2. Then there’s Jeff Bryant of Syntax of Things, who must be hooked into some secret private Google or something, because he always seems to get the alert before I do. He knew about DeLillo’s Game Six a month before anyone else, and he got the scoop on the new Bukowski movie about six months ago before anybody else (actually, where the hell is this movie?). Of interest today: the London house where Symbolist poets Verlaine and Rimbaud gamboled and frolicked happily together when they weren’t busy shooting each other is in jeopardy. Bob Dylan and Patti Smith are joining the effort to preserve this landmark, and we are glad to hear this. But somebody should have rung up Richard Hell.

3. The multi-day 2006 People’s Poetry Gathering looks like it will be an amazing event. The broad lineup includes Robert Bly (whose poetry comes alive in performance), Miguel Algarin, Kewulay Kamara, Bob Holman, Galway Kinnell, Black 47 and many others.

4. A minor miracle recently occured on cable television. The BookTV network ran a show that featured a literary author whose latest book was not a biography of a dead President and did not involve a dead President in any way. I know what you’re thinking: that’s crazy — but it actually happened. Norman Mailer was the author, and he appeared in a videotaped interview with his son, the wonderfully named John Buffalo Mailer, who seems to be stirring to follow in the old man’s footsteps.

5. This is the best ode to spring I’m likely to read this year. Reclaim life! Eat jelly beans …

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  1. Willie Wonka quotesThanks for
    Willie Wonka quotes

    Thanks for pointing to it in your example of “ode to spring”. Great discovery.

  2. to paraphrase queen: V, or E.
    to paraphrase queen: V, or E. Champion,

    my friends . . .

    Just reporting in to say I’m enjoying A Drink With Vollmann by Edward Champion, over on his blog. The subject matter of Vollmann’s new book is fascinating to me, and I like how Champion writes about it, once he gets past the intro. I’m about halfway thru the article, so I’m heading back now.

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