Review: Son of the Ripper!

Out of the stack of review copies I have (that still aren’t reviewing themselves, by the way) I chose Patrick Glendon McCullough’s debut novel, Son of the Ripper! to write about this week. The book clocks in at 308 pages, which can either seem insufferably long (I told you I had a short attention span) or just right, depending. Fortunately, McCullough’s prose keeps things clipping along at a merry pace, and kept me reading, and moreover, enjoying what I read. Part murder mystery, part comedy, and part odd-couple buddy story, with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure, Son of the Ripper! is a light, entertaining read.

Twenty-one years after a brutal murder took place in aristocratic Fenton, Massachusetts (an unsolved case that led to rumors that Jack the Ripper had come to Fenton after his London killing spree and committed the crime), another gory murder happens. The townspeople, more interested in keeping up appearances than seeing justice served, try to keep the whole thing quiet — this for some reason made me think of Hot Fuzz, which is a good thing because I love that movie — but the sheriff (who is not a fan of his fellow Fentonites) investigates anyway, teaming up with stuffy town genealogist Alistair Praft to do so.

Anyway, Son of the Ripper! is an enjoyable book. A truly fun read, it’s perfect for a rainy afternoon. And it also has a good cover. (I pay attention to these things.) In all, it’s a good debut from a promising author. I like it.

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