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1. I’ve been worried about HBO ever since Sopranos went away (and Flight of the Conchords has done nothing to assauge my concerns). But I like their new mini-series John Adams, based on the book by David McCullough. Paul Giamatti does a great job of inhabiting the main role. Episode 2 is especially enjoyable since it features all the scenes and characters from 1776, but without the songs.

2. I’m going to be in a panel discussion on literature and blogging at the New York Round Table Witers Conference on Friday, April 11. Other panelists include Carol Fitzgerald, Michael Orthofer, Ed Champion and Mary Delli Santi. Should be good …

3. Protest singer Billy Bragg says musicians should share in the take when a social networking site they use gets paid. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch doesn’t see it that way, but then Nick at Rough Type doesn’t quite see it that way either. You make the call.

4. I don’t usually recommend song downloads, so you know something’s up when I tell you to check out Phideaux Xavier’s music at Bloodfish, his label. If edgy prog rock with lush instrumentation and powerful psychological lyrics sounds like your thing, don’t miss this talented artist. You can go directly to his downloads page (I particularly recommend the tracks “Fragment” and “Everynight”). I listen to these over and over and I think you will too.

5. The new Bookforum is out and it’s all online.

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  1. Flight of the Conchords has
    Flight of the Conchords has done nothing to assuage your concerns? Have you been watching it? FOTC for The Sopranos has to be the greatest trade-off in the history of television. A rambling show where the theme seemed to be foreshadowing with no payoff cut for a hilarious musical romp through NYC. One is a show based upon comical stereotypes while the other is a parody of stereotypes (Guess which is which).

    The Sopranos always felt to me like that article about Martin Amis in bookforum. Boring, insulting to my intelligence, with very little payoff at the end. A book review has never seemed quite so unnecessary (possibly the point was that the book was more unnecessary?).

    As poets you are, has anyone read Dylan Thomas’s unfinished novel “Adventures in the Skin Trade?” I read it last night and found it spectacular.

    Brown paper, white paper
    Stick it together with the tape
    The tape of Love
    The sticky stuff

  2. Hmm, well, Rubiao, I saw
    Hmm, well, Rubiao, I saw about half an episode of “Flight of the Conchords” and I couldn’t stand it, but you are correct that I never followed through so for all I know it may have virtues.

    That Dylan Thomas sounds good — I haven’t read it but I will.

  3. McKelvie’s First Rule of
    McKelvie’s First Rule of Internet Proclamations is this: never make a negative comment about a TV comedy series. 🙂

    I’ve found it strange that the US has taken to FotC – seems very un-American humour to me. Here in the UK we liked them enough to give them a radio programme, but nothing more.

  4. A friend from Boston gave me
    A friend from Boston gave me the book ‘John Adams.’ I haven’t read it, but the first couple of pages read very well.

    But come on, 1776 is one of the great movies – everybody oughtta watch that, songs included. Yeah this great noble experiment America, was built on slavery. History’s cool, if anybody cares to pay attention.

  5. I know what you mean.After
    I know what you mean.After the Sopranos nothing seems comparable. HDO has another series out that I rather like,’Breaking Bad’,definitly worth checking out.

  6. Not everybody gets cable. So
    Not everybody gets cable. So what kind of show is the “Flight of the Conchords”? I watched the “Sopranos” once on my friend’s HBO. Was not impressed. Just another “Godfather” gangster show… Another thing, what is the significance of this smiley face icon? Does that mean all is good in the neighborhood or what?

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