Vidlits are Fundamental

You may have noticed the ad for M. J. Rose’s new erotic thriller “The Halo Effect” in the right column on this page. We’re psyched that M. J. Rose has bought a blogad on LitKicks, because this author has been championing the potential of literary online advertising for longer than anybody else, and knows a bit about the subject.

Rose’s message to up-and-coming authors is simple: when it comes to marketing your book, hold nothing back. Her litblog is called Buzz Balls Hype — that’s “balls”, I think, as in “balls to the wall”. Here’s an example: Rose has arranged for a consortium of contributors to donate five dollars to the Reading Is Fundamental organization every time a litblog links to the vidlit (an animated online promotion) for “The Halo Effect”.

We’re game, M. J. These “vidlits” are pretty cool to look at, too, and maybe some other writers around here want to look into creating vidlits for their own works (as well as, yeah, buying blogads on LitKicks).

Send that five bucks over to RIF, somebody …

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  1. FunnyI don’t see any ads on

    I don’t see any ads on the right column… something wrong w/ me?

  2. Hmm, that’s strange — what
    Hmm, that’s strange — what do you see under the heading that says “Get Visible”? Unless you’ve got some really crazy kinda browser, I hope there’s an ad there, no?

  3. I’ve noticed that sometimes
    I’ve noticed that sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. By the way, the Vidlit is great! It looks like a really good book.

  4. Very funky ad. Online promo –
    Very funky ad. Online promo – only the popcorn and the overcold A/C is missing.

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