Pulling Levers

1. I’m proud to see my piece on “How To Avoid Author Scandals” running today at the Guardian’s Books Blog.

2. If you want more of me, I can be found at NewCritics.com answering the question “what has inspired you in the past year?” Naturally, my answer involves gangsta rap.

3. Frank Wilson’s tenure as Books editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer is coming to an end. I’m sure many newspaper readers will recall many different highlights of his career. For me, I mainly appreciate his willingness to give a few bloggers like me their first delicious shot of black ink.

4. Words Without Borders is running its second graphic fiction issue!

5. This is just great. Apparently the Boston Globe really wanted to have their book about the New England Patriots’ perfect season out on Amazon.com the moment the Gatorade spilled over Bill Belichick’s head. And then the Patriots lost. Ahh, these moments just feel so good.

For the record, I am not a New York Giants fan (Jets, people, Jets!). But I have to admit that was one beautiful, amazing Super Bowl victory, and Eli Manning is now my favorite QB.

6. I pulled this lever about an hour ago:

I’m fond of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, so this wasn’t an easy choice. I decided to vote for the candidate with a better chance at breaking through partisan barriers and uniting our divided nation behind shared ideals. Yeah, well, they can’t stop me from hoping.

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  1. Great pieces both. I
    Great pieces both. I especially like the bit about Mike Jones as the 21st century Biz Markie. While I’m not exactly his biggest fan, it is nice to see a successful MC who doesn’t mind being something of a clown. That Nas-patented scowl is getting a little tired.

    Though I hasten to add — why no love for Ghostface? Lupe Fiasco? The Jigga Man? They all had some fantastic stuff come out within the last few months.

    And while we’re on the subject, here’s a modest little hip-hop manifesto I wrote a few weeks ago that might be of some interest to…I don’t know, someone:

  2. Here’s the thing about the
    Here’s the thing about the next President.

    I always liked Bill Clinton. I still like hearing him talk about various issues and subjects on TV. For that reason, I was going to vote for Hillary, which is not necessarily a good reason, but that was my reasoning.

    BUT, then, when Clinton fell asleep at that one event, I decided to check out the candidate’s ages. Bill is 62, Hillary is 61, and Obama is 47. You know how old Clinton was when he became President in 1993? 47.
    You know what? We need a younger, more energetic guy, like Clinton was in 1993.

  3. Hey, Bill – I voted for
    Hey, Bill – I voted for Obama, but careful what you say about Clinton’s age and energy! 60 is the new 30. I know – I’m 63, and I …. zzzzzzzz

  4. I love Bill. But I voted for
    I love Bill. But I voted for Obama. We can vote in the primary now in Paris. Obama is the only candidate that really represents change, and lord, do we need change.

  5. Liked your manifesto, Milton.
    Liked your manifesto, Milton. And, yeah, of course there’s love for Ghostface … jury’s still out on Lupe Fiasco … as for Jigga, that completely goes without saying. If we’re talking about other artists currently doing good stuff, I’ll also mention the always underrated Fat Joe, Cam, Juelz, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, Young Jeezy, Kanye and even still the scowling Nas …

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