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While most publishing industry types and book biz folks are still recovering from last week’s Book Expo and the subsequent overload of chatter about it, the Windy City is gearing up for its annual Printers Row Book Fair. The event will be this Saturday and Sunday (June 10 & 11) and will feature discussion panels, writer’s markets, information booths for publishers, small press outlets and booksellers. There will also be author appearances and signings by such fine folks as Nick Hornby, Umberto Eco, Meg Wolitzer — as well as one of my faves — poet Li-Young Lee. Best of all — the events are free and open to the public. So if you’re looking for something to do, I encourage you to check it out. Maybe pick up some free stuff, like various bookmarks, promotional flyers or, if you’re lucky, an Umberto Eco beer cozy.

If you’re in the Chicago area (and you know who you are) or you’re planning to make the trip, we’d love to hear your report on this event.

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  1. I know who I amand guess
    I know who I am

    and guess what. . . I’m not going. I went last year and it was very cool. Tons of books. A great list of writers reading and signing.

    But here’s why I’m not going. I’m not really into “collecting” old books. If you are, this is the place to be. The way I look at it, I can find 99% of anything I’m looking for at a local bookstore or at amazon.

    I guess it would be cool to check out Studs Terkel or Nick Hornby, but let’s face it — it’s, like, really hot in Chicago. I mean sweat-your-privates-off hot. So if there isn’t an author I really want to meet, then I think I’ll pass.

    AND, if that wasn’t enough. This weekend in Chi-town is the Old Town Art Fair and the Wells Street Art Fair. I think the Old Town Art Fair is the oldest juried art fair in the the world. Or the U.S. Or the Midwest. Whatever, it’s effing cool.

    Wait a minute, there are two days in the weekend, right? So maybe one day at Printers Row and one day at the Old Town Art Fair. Yeah, that’s it.

    Now, if I can only fix this heat thing. . .

  2. City of Big ReadersThis will
    City of Big Readers

    This will actually be there first time I’m able to go to the Printer’s Row fair in the near 10 years I’ve been living in Chicago. June is a really popular time for wedding, family events and other commitments, so I’ve always managed to be gone when it’s happened. So of course the weather forecast for this weekend is 85 degree temps with thunderstorms.

    I’ll probably go mostly for the used books. There are some authors like Nick Hornby I wouldn’t mind seeing, but you have to call ahead to reserve free tickets for some of the readings, and I’m just not a planner like that. Too lazy.

    On a side note, I have a usability issue with Litkicks. So here I am at work, and I want to post a reply. But I have to log in, since at work I don’t click “Remember me on this computer” because I don’t want any bizatch or playa-hata using my computer and impersonating me at Litkicks, and harming my gold-plated rep. But so I have to login to reply, and when I do, it takes me to my member page rather than back to the message I was replying to. Which means extra clicking to get back, and I’m a busy guy. Not a huge issue, but I feel that the exorbitant membership dues I pay entitle me to complain.

  3. Hi Shamatha — yeah, the LK
    Hi Shamatha — yeah, the LK Staff is aware of this issue. It is a pain, and it’s on our list to fix (though our list of fixes is a long one).

    It’s flattering, though, that you don’t want to leave yourself logged in because somebody else might wander on to LitKicks and use your membername. We ain’t Google over here! I bet you’d be safe leaving yourself logged in … and if a message ever showed up here with your name on it but missing that distinctive Shamatha touch, we’d know the difference instantly and remove it for you. If that helps …

  4. All this ruckus aside, are
    All this ruckus aside, are you going to get an Umberto Eco beer cozy for us or not?

  5. I’m GoingI’m going, mostly to
    I’m Going

    I’m going, mostly to distribute flyers for my books, see if anybody is interested in new writers?

    Yeah, it’s hot, that’s Chicago.

    So, if you’re there & see anybody distributing flyers for that’s me!

  6. Jim, I hope you’ll write us a
    Jim, I hope you’ll write us a report. I’d like to hear how it goes.

    I went to the Book Expo in New York but I couldn’t get a clear impression one way or another. The main impression I came away with was “there sure are a lot of people in the publishing biz.” Maybe Chicago will be less frenetic. Probably not.

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