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Back in February, I told you about a little misunderstanding between Sean “P. Diddy – Puff Daddy – Puffy – Bad Boy for Life” Combs and Random House. Thankfully I can report to you today that it’s all been resolved. Yes, Diddy and the folks at Random House have made peace and no caps will be popped into any asses. However I’m sure there will be a lot of afterparties. Due to a confidentiality agreement, no one is saying whether Puffy will be paying back the $300K advance — but the publishing house reports they will not be releasing a volume of Diddy memoirs. While I’m glad they were able to resolve their dispute ‘amicably’, I must say that this is the kind of bureaucratic struggle that is preventing quality literature from reaching audiences today.

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  1. …makes me think of courtney

    makes me think of courtney love and how she sold kurt’s private notebooks. i think it was called “journal”. i found it very sad that a dead man could be raped. i know this has nothing to do with p. diddy, it was the word memoirs……i shiver.

  2. I Can’t Get No…The great
    I Can’t Get No…

    The great part about that article:

    “Combs is not the first musician who failed to deliver his life’s story. Years ago, Mick Jagger received a seven-figure advance to write his memoirs, but eventually returned the money, saying he couldn’t remember anything of significance.”

    Now that’s some quality literature we are definitely missing out on!

  3. meanwhile …Meanwhile, over
    meanwhile …

    Meanwhile, over at BoldType, which is ironically a former Random House publication that got orphaned and found a new home, Wu-Tang’er RZA is the guest editor of the new issue. No word of any $300,000 changing hands here, though.

  4. Yeah — I saw that last week
    Yeah — I saw that last week when it hit my inbox. Unfortunately I didn’t really get as excited about it as everyone else did apparently. The May issue was infinitely more interesting Wu Tang or no Wu Tang, I say.

  5. This is excellent! I read the
    This is excellent! I read the intro by RZA and then the interview with him, and he sounds like a person I would like to meet and discuss things. I like his outlook and the way he expresses it.

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