Scenes from ...

Notes From Underground

The CD-Rom Movie by Levi Asher

Phil Zampino as "The Underground Man"

'Why was I endowed with such desires?'

Liza Sabater as the Prostitute

'She had once been loved by someone, somewhere...'

Jeff Groth as The Businessman

'He would step aside before executives or attractive women or even his own peers. But people like me, people a rung or two below his rank, he simply crushed. He walked right at them ...'

Matt Urbania as Stephen with Nathaniel Wice as Freddy

Michael Coble as Thomas (with Nathaniel Wice)

Jon Satriale as Zorko

'He asked about my salary. Of course, gentleman never discuss salary with each other, and the proper response was for me to take offense at his presumption. But instead, I inexplicably blurted out the amount of money I made.'

Will Perez as the Office Temp. 'I don't think I've ever hated anyone in my entire life as I grew to hate him ...'

'"You idiot!" I screamed. "You moron! Have you been brought here simply to torture me? To be the bane of my existence?"'

'I looked and saw an office-mate staring puzzlingly at me. "There's somebody here to see you," he said.'

Shower a man with every earthly good, drown him in happiness over his head... give him such wealth that he'll have nothing to do but sleep and eat and busy himself with assuring the continuance of world history. And then, out of sheer ingratitude, sheer nastiness, he will commit some vileness. He'll even risk his pastries, solely in order to inject his noxious fantastic element into all that positive, sensible bliss, to confirm to himself that he is a man, and not a piano key.

"Salvation". Trinity Church, at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway

'I would turn everything into the Sublime and Beautiful'

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