Sidestepping The Review

I’ve enjoyed reviewing the New York Times Book Review here each Sunday, but I’ll be spending the 4th of July weekend in a beautiful faraway land where, as far as I know, no copies of the Book Review ever go. I will try to get my hands on one this Sunday, but I may have to miss a week. You are forewarned …

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  1. i see it all, nowLevi’s
    i see it all, now

    Levi’s probably in a hammock on a tropical island – sunglasses, wide-brimmed straw hat, sipping some drink of course…while the rest of us toil away and fight off summer colds brought on by smog and future shock…or no, maybe he’s up in those snowy, cold mountain peaks where wise men (what are they called?), you know, how someone climbs up there to learn wisdom, and it’s so cold they have to burn the pages of their books to stay warm, and this gives them an epiphany that books aren’t everything. So he will come back and proclaim LitKicks to be about Scientology and we have to read only religious tracts and that one book they sold at the airport, invoking George Harrison even though he wasn’t really connected with them. The colorfully illustrated book with multi-legged elephants smiling and dancing women and glittering, diamond shaped fractal outward-projections…

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