New Mailing Address (and Some More Interesting Stuff)

If you are a publisher or publicist who sends me books to review, please note that I have changed my mailing address:

Literary Kicks
328 8th Avenue #337
New York NY 10001

Also, if you’re a publisher or publicist who sends me books to review, please know that I’m probably sorry for being so absolutely terrible about getting back to you. My review copy situation is a mess, I never get around to answering emails in time, but I do appreciate when you send me a book I’m interested in and I will try to be better about keeping in touch.

And now … some more interesting stuff:

1. Sure, now James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake will probably be clear as glass.

2. PEN World Voices has announced its 2010 schedule. This is a great annual festival of international literature that takes place every year in New York City. I don’t know if I’ll make it this year or not, but we’ve sure enjoyed covering it in previous years. Some names I’m particularly interested in on this year’s schedule: Alina Bronsky, author of the interesting new Broken Glass Park, Ariel Dorfman, Roddy Doyle, Edith Grossman, Mohsin Hamid, Alexsander Hemon, Yiyun Li, Natalie Merchant, Toni Morrison, Ben Okri, Richard Price, Patti Smith, Esther Allen, Robert Coover, John Freeman, Barry Gifford, Arnon Grunberg, Susan Harris, Shirley Hazzard, A. M. Homes, Siri Hustvedt, Elias Khoury, Colum McCann, Bill McKibben, Michael Orthofer, Darryl Pinckney, Roxana Robinson, Norman Rush, Robert Silvers, Coim Toibin, Natasha Wimmer. But, you see, these are the names I’m familiar with, and the real value of an international literary festival like PEN World Voices is that you’ll discover names you’re not familiar with. On another note, I am definitely feeling some cognitive dissonance about the fact that Jonathan Lethem will be interviewing Patti Smith. I’ll catch something else that night.

3. I’ve mentioned it here already, but Voltaire is worth a second shoutout: Candide is featured in a unique interactive online exhibit at the New York Public Library’s website.

4. Rebecca Goldstein lists a few novels of ideas.

5. Novelist Tony O’Neill helps ex-Runaway Cherie Currie write a memoir, Neon Angel.

6. Norman’s son John Buffalo Mailer quietly publishes his own book, Music, Food and Death (The State of New Orleans Through the Eyes of Strippers).

7. Ed Champion alerts us to a new film about the much-beloved Warhol star Candy Darling, produced by her friend Jeremiah Newton.

8. While we’re on a Warhol tip: I had no idea you could find high quality video like this of the 1967-era Velvet Underground, here performing a fragment of “Venus In Furs”. You can also spot Gerald Malagna and Edie Sedgwick in the mosh pit.

9. A haunting video poem by Eamon Loingsigh.

10. Da Bridge! Novelist Sam Lipsyte reps QB. Astoria, to be specific.

11. Cheyenne, Wyoming searches for a Kerouac connection.

12. Blake Butler on poker as storytelling. I like this piece, and I don’t mean it as a slight or an accusation of plagiarism when I say that it reminds me of something I once wrote myself: Poker Is A Writer’s Game. I think we’re both onto a good theory here.

13. I think I’ll be attending a rally to support Barack Obama and the health care reform bill tomorrow in Fairfax, Virginia.

14. The dotcom stock market bubble — a favorite memory of mine — peaked and began to fall ten years ago this month.

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  1. Dr. Goldstein says, “The play
    Dr. Goldstein says, “The play of ideas is heady as Alan Lightman wrests irony, pathos and poetry out of the abstractions of physics, but the meaning of it all is viewed from the human perspective.”

    As opposed to? How dumb is dumb enough for you, people? What is the floor? Because I think we’re looking up at it if this is acceptable.

  2. From the artilce about the
    From the artilce about the new Joyce edition:

    “British publishing house Houyhnhnm will publish a limited edition of the book, priced at £250 ($389 Cdn) for a standard version and £750 ($1,167 Cdn) for one bound in black calfskin, due out at the end of March.

    Penguin will have a paperback edition available later this year.”

    I think I will buy the paperback.

  3. Hi Levi,
    You mention a memoir

    Hi Levi,

    You mention a memoir coming out by Cherie Curie now with help by Tony O’Neill (stated as if we should know who Tony O’Neill is).

    This great web site with old photos by Theresa K calls this year the year of the Punk Memoir. Or the punk women memoir.

    There’s Patti Smith’s, Joan Jett and Cherie Curie (both tied in to some degree to the new commercial Hollywood movie) and Belinda Carlisle.

    I seem to read mainly memoir and biography now. Patti Smith’s memoir is great.

  4. Thanks for the correction, Ed
    Thanks for the correction, Ed — I changed the text.

    TKG, glad you like the Patti Smith memoir … you don’t have to know who Tony O’Neill is but I do think he has a growing following, so check him out if you want.

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