Reviewing the Review: November 4 2007

I’m taking a sanity break today; I’ll be back to review the Book Review next weekend. For now, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s me reviewing the Review:

(Photo by Caryn).

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  1. Happy Day Off!Meanwhile,
    Happy Day Off!

    Meanwhile, three TPOs were reviewed in today’s NJ Star-Ledger: Walla Walla Suite by Anne Argula, I Just Want My Pants Back by David J. Rosen, and All or Nothing by Preston L. Allen. Interestingly, the TPO column was in the spot usually taken up by John Freeman’s poetry book (Snore!) reviews.

  2. 1960s?This pic looks a lot

    This pic looks a lot like my hippie days in the 60s (of which I’ll bore you with endless stories if you let me.) But here, nobody is smoking pot….

    By the way, re the book on the Chelsea Hotel — the error about Burroughs writing Naked Lunch there is actually in the book!

  3. Bill, it’s a vintage
    Bill, it’s a vintage hollow-body Guild bass, the same exact model played by Jack Casady with Hot Tuna.

    I used to switch between bass and rhythm guitar when I was in a basement band (we didn’t have room in the garage, so we were a basement band). The vintage Guild belonged to our regular bassist Adam, though I often used it, and then he gave up music (which he wasn’t very good at anyway) and sold me the bass for $50.

    As for the guitar Abby’s playing, that’s my prized Takamine, my favorite guitar.

  4. … and, Bill, if you squint
    … and, Bill, if you squint really hard I bet you’ll recognize the classic Robert Crumb “Main Street” poster on the wall, a kind gift from Jeffrey Weinberg of Water Row Books.

  5. Oh, I remember the Takamine.
    Oh, I remember the Takamine. One of the nicest playing instruments I ever plucked.

    As for the R. Crumb poster… cosmic, man!

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