Celebrate Good Poetry (Come On!)

Time keeps on slipping (slipping, slipping) into the future … and here it is April again. Not only the cruelest month, it’s also National Poetry Month. Why April? Why do we need a poetry month? Because they said so. I’m not one to argue, and hey, I do love me some poetry. But you may be asking yourself — how does one go about celebrating such a thing? Well, maybe you’d like to write a poem or two. Or one every day? Not into writing your own? Not to worry, I hear there are a LOT of poems out there just waiting for your attention. Listening to a Poem a Day podcast might be a good idea. If you’re not willing to put down the Wilco for poetry, you can always just enjoy poetry the old fashioned way … by reading any number of free email newsletters that will deliver poetry right to your inbox each day this month. Or perhaps this is the perfect time to catch up with a laureate of your choosing. You may just want to tell National Poetry Month to take a hike and boycott the whole thing. If so, Charles Bernstein is ready to help you on over to the dark side.

These suggestions are really just to get you started. Once you’ve tapped into your poetic festive mood, you’ll probably also want to incorporate some togas, malt liquor and fireworks. As if that weren’t enough, I’ll be offering up one poetry-related tidbit a day to keep the party jumping. So pace yourselves … and enjoy responsibly.

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  1. suggested readingCaryn, there
    suggested reading

    Caryn, there are reading lists of the great books, what about the greatest poems? I suggest Easter 1916 (WB Yeats) as a favorite of mine – wonderful content and writing – it also helped to change the world (utterly). What would you put on such a list?

  2. You mean other than my own?I
    You mean other than my own?

    I honestly don’t think I’d attempt to compile a list of “greatest” poems. I feel poetry is pretty personal and subjective and the word “greatest” isn’t really a concrete measure, in my mind. That said, we all threw our favorite picks into the ring last year and you can see some of those here. For more ideas of what other people might put in such a collection, you may want to check the “100 Greatest Poems Ever Written” or the Favorite Poems Project.

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