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  1. Surrealistic and Symbolist
    Surrealistic and Symbolist Poetry

    The books you listed with different styles seem right down my alley. I write dream-like and surreal poetry and use symbolism.
    I have attended open mikes where there are poets, like me, of a similar persuasion.

    John Roche, Ray Carver, Geraldine Greene, Allen Ginsberg, and Bob Dylan are all poets whose poetry still moves me. I can imagine, according to your review, that Gary Mex Glazner and the open mike would be outstanding.

    Wish I was there. However, I do get to perform occasionally at “The Local” on Cherokee Blvd., here in Chattanooga, TN which is the only “happenings” place around this old burg. I have been to St. Marks-On-the-Bowery readings many “yarns” ago and met quite a few folks. Hey, “that was then, this is now”.

    Who would think that I’d still be “on the scene” this many years later. Some poetry places back then were “off limits” to those in the armed forces. ( I was in the armed forces back then. However, we managed to get there and check it out anyway. Sorry about that, Sarge!) Do any service men and/or women go to those readings now?

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