Little Known Literary Facts

1, A font face captures Franz Kafka’s handwriting, which turns out be rather pretty in a Kafkaesque sort of way.

2. Tablet Magazine interviews eternal Fug Tuli Kupferberg and points us to his excellent YouTube Channel. I love the audience participation in this little-known literary facts video, in which Tuli reveals that T. S. Eliot was Jewish, that Walt Whitman was heterosexual, that Homer’s Iliad was actually written by a guy named Iliad, and that when Dylan Thomas drank himself to death his drink of choice was strawberry milkshakes. All true.

3. A. N. Devers ponders the life and death of author Barry Hannah, who died this week, at the Rumpus.

4. Leora Skolkin-Smith on Herta Muller’s The Passport in the new Quarterly Conversation.

5. A long-hidden Casanova manuscript will be displayed next year in Paris.

6. Disney Channel will create a show that updates Harriet the Spy, transforming the opinionated tween from a notebook scribbler into a blogger. I’m not sure how to feel about this, though the transformation does make some sense. Will Beth Ellen then get a Twitter account? I assume Lizzie Skurnick is on the case.

7. A very good interview with Carolyn Cassady.

8. A John Fante bus tour in Los Angeles.

9. Dear Vito, the latest novel by our beloved poet Mickey Z. got a nice write-up in the Daily News. Check Mickey’s website for info on the book and on upcoming readings, including one in the Tribeca NYC Barnes and Noble on March 22.

10. Several weeks ago I was on a panel about book marketing and social media. Here’s a play-by-play and here’s another.

11. 3 Quarks Daily is a good blog, and I’m proud to be a finalist for their best arts/literature blog post prize. I’d love to win this, so please click on that link and vote for Literary Kicks (the post in question is my recent one titled “In Gatsby’s Tracks“. Thanks for your support …

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  1. Thanks, Levi and Bill.

    Thanks, Levi and Bill.

    Hope some of you will get a chance to check out my new books and my upcoming events.

  2. I really enjoyed Tuli
    I really enjoyed Tuli Kupferberg’s site you re-introduced me to.
    I have been a Fugs fan for many years–since their inception.
    I was sorry to read/hear about Mr. Kupferberg’s health problems.
    However, he’s getting up there, at 86 years, so these things happen. I’m glad he’s getting some help from fans and friends.
    I used to click on the Fugs site a few years ago. It’s amazing how much of their sarcastic and satirical stuff really still resonates on You Tube! My favorite anthology of them is “Golden Filth”, a live album from the early seventies. I highly recommend anything they have done. I still laugh along with “The Nothing Song” after forty some odd years! I also have tuned into Ed Sander stuff and the group site most recently as of last week. Folks, keep letting us know how things are going…THanks!

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