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THE GENRES (all articles contributed by members):
      Beat Generation
      Jack Kerouac, Diane DiPrima, Ted Joans,      
      Bukowski & Masculinity, History of Beat Publishing      
      The Global Scene
      Chinua Achebe, Ghazal Poets, Gabriel Garcia Marquez,      
      Borges' Ficciones, Salman Rushdie's Nasal Ethics      
      Transcendental America
      Walt Whitman, John Beecher      
      Civil Disobedience, Louisa May Alcott      
      Alternative Victorian
      W. B. Yeats, Lord Byron, Giacomo Leopardi,      
      Henry James, more on Yeats, The Pre-Raphaelites      
      African-American Lit
      Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks,      
      James Baldwin, Amiri Baraka      
      The Breakfast Club
      Jay McInerney, Raymond Carver,      
      Ann Beattie, Bret Easton Ellis      
      Jazz Age
      James Joyce, Hart Crane, e. e. cummings,      
      F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker      
      Postmodern Transgressive
      Chuck Palahniuk, Nick McDonnel, J. G. Ballard,      
      Irvine Welsh, Richard Powers, SARK      
      La Boheme
      Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Gunter Grass      
      Charles Baudelaire, Albert Camus      
      Haiku and Eastern Poetry
      Basho, Issa, Han Shan,      
      Saigyo, Western Haiku      
      Russian Lit
      Vladimir Mayakovsky, Leo Tolstoy,      
      Fyodor Dostoevsky, Soviet Underground      
      Summer of Love
      Richard Brautigan, Ken Kesey, Edward Abbey      
      Hunter S. Thompson, Thomas Pynchon      
      Other Articles
      Ani DiFranco, George Orwell, Flannery O'Connor,      
      Tennessee Williams, Ayn Rand, Ecclesiastes      
      Children's Literature
      Banned!, The Making of Wind in the Willows, Lewis Carroll,      
      Shel Silverstein, Harry Potter, Contribute an article      

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