The Works of William Carlos Williams

Thanks to Kelly Nagle for preparing this bibliography. Last updated 1995.

Reid Howell, 1909.

The Tempers
Elkin Mathews, 1913.

Al Que Quiere! A Book of Poems
Four Seas, 1917.

Kora in Hell: Improvisations
Four Seas, 1920.

Sour Grapes
Four Seas, 1921.

The Great American Novel
Three Mountains Press, 1923.

Spring and All
Contact Company, 1923.

Go Go
Monroe Wheeler, 1923.

In The American Grain
Boni, 1925.

A Voyage to Paragany
Macaulay, 1928.

A Novelette and Other Prose (1921-1931)
TO Publishers, 1932.

The Knife of the Times and Other Stories
Dragon Press, 1932.

Collected Poems: 1921-1931
Objectivist Press, 1934.

An Early Martyr and Other Poems
Alcestis Press, 1935.

White Mule
New Directions, 1937.

Life Along the Passaic River
New Directions, 1938.

The Complete Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams: 1906-1938
New Directions, 1938.

In The Money
New Directions, 1940.

The Wedge
Cummington Press, 1944.

Paterson (Book One)
New Directions, 1946.

Paterson (Book Two)
New Directions, 1948.

The Clouds
Wells College Press/Cummington Press, 1948.

Paterson (Book Three)
New Directions, 1949.

The Collected Later Poems of William Carlos Williams
New Directions, 1950.

Make Light of It: Collected Stories
Random House, 1950.

Paterson (Book Four)
New Directions, 1951.

The Autobiography
Random House, 1951.

The Collected Earlier Poems
New Directions, 1951.

The Build-Up
Random House, 1952.

The Desert Music and Other Poems
Random House, 1954.

Selected Essays of William Carlos Williams
Random House, 1954.

Journey to Love
Random House, 1955.

Paterson (Book Five)
New Directions, 1958.

I Wanted To Write A Poem: The Autobiography of the Works of a Poet

The Farmers' Daughters
New Directions, 1961.

Many Loves and Other Plays
New Directions, 1961.

Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems
New Directions, 1962.

New Directions, 1963 (includes books one through five).

The Embodiment of Knowledge (posthumous)

Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher