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(I got this from ... thanks to Ken Schumacher for letting me include it here. Ken also sent me John Perry Barlow's write-up on Cassady and 'Cassidy', which Barlow gave me permission to include in Literary Kicks. This was last updated in 1995.)

For those interested in learning more about Neal Cassady, there is a wealth of material about this amazing man. I began to collect this list with the help of many helpful souls who responded to my Cassady Quest postings many months ago. I keep updating it as I read new dead-flames postings. If anyone has any corrections or additions to this listing, by all means send me e-mail and I will update it and repost.

Books and other writings, by author...

Neal Cassady:
The First Third, autobiography
Grace Beats Karma, letters by Neal Cassady
Also a huge, huge collection of letters stored at the University of Texas.

Steve Silberman:
Who Was Cowboy Neal?, article in Blair Jackson's "Goin Down the Road"
Skeleton Key

Jack Kerouac:
On The Road, Dharma Bums, The Subterraneans, Visions of Cody, Desolation Angels, Big Sur, Book of Dreams

John Clellon Holmes:
Go, Nothing to Declare

Allen Ginsberg:
Howl, misc. poems
As Ever (collected letters to/from Neal)

Carolyn Cassady:
Off the Road, Heartbeats

Ken Kesey:
The Further Inquiry, Kesey's Garage Sale, Demon Box, The Day After Superman Died

Barry Miles:
Ginsberg (biography)

Ann Charters:
The Beat Reader

Tom Wolfe:
The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test

Ken Babbs:
Spit In The Ocean #6, edited by Ken Babbs
On The Bus

Harry Harrison:
The Dead Book

Dennis McNally:
Desolate Angel

William Plummer:
The Holy Goof

Jay Stevens:
Storming Heaven

Wavy Gravy:
Hog Farm (out of print)
Something Good For A Change: Random Notes on Peace Through Living (autobiographical novel)

Hunter Thompson:
The Hells Angels
Book Collections...

Jack's Book, edited by Gifford and Lee
The Beat Vision, edited by Arthur & Kit Knight


Key-Z Productions, Eugene, Oregon:
Neal Cassady (random film clips)
The Merry Pranksters (bus movie video footage)
The Acid Test (video)

KQED documentaries:

Audio Recordings...

Drive Alive (audio cassette, KeyZ Prod.)

Neal Cassady Sampler (audio cassette)
compiled by Ken Babbs

Neal Cassady Acid Test Rap
floppy record from Harrison's Dead book

Neal and the Three Stooges
from The Birth of Bop read by J. Kerouac

Internet Connection...(courtesy Levi Asher)

If you have WWW access (through Mosaic, Lynx, MacWeb, WinWeb, or anything else) there's a lot of stuff about Neal in my Jack Kerouac/Allen Ginsberg WWW Site, Literary Kicks. It's at :


OK, time to grovel, again. Someone mentioned Neal Cassady introduced the Dead on stage at a couple Fillmore shows in 1967. Does that ring a bell to anyone out there? Does anybody have tapes of these shows? I'd love to hear Neal do his thing in the proper context of a dead concert.
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