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— The Guardian has an interview with Gary Snyder about environmental and social responsibility that is absolutely worth reading, especially if you love Gary Snyder like I love Gary Snyder (though I don’t think this is a requirement).

— Media conglomerate Gannett will use USA Today brand for book publishing. I talked to Caryn about this earlier and she made me wonder if this means that when I go on vacation and open my hotel room door, I’ll find a stack of books sitting outside in the morning.

— Pop Matters has a review of Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach that makes me want to read the book.

Michael Ondaatje on writing and Divisadero. Interesting. Plus, I really like typing “Ondaatje.” Ondaatje. Ondaatje. Okay, I’ll stop.

Feministing has an interview with author Pagan Kennedy about her latest, The First Man-Made Man: The Story of Two Sex Changes, One Love Affair, and a Twentieth Century Medical Revolution.

Maud Newton on Somerset Maugham.

— There’s a review in the L.A. Times of Varieties of Disturbance by Lydia Davis and says that the collection “poses a series of word problems for the existentially challenged” which really sounds like my kind of book.

— “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” (That’s Picasso or T.S. Eliot or maybe someone else… take your pick.) And here’s a review of a book about plagiarism.

American Idol: Writer Version (New York Magazine style).

— For some light reading, here’s a little something about morality and Immanuel Kant and stuff like that.

— And finally, farewell, Miss Snark!

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  1. OoooohI get name-checked on

    I get name-checked on LitKicks… awesome! I have arrived.

    I sure hope the USA Today books are also color-coded and include bright comic-style pie charts. Because who doesn’t love pie charts? Come to think of it, who doesn’t love pie?

    Ondaantje vs. “Pagan Kennedy”: who has the coolest name? What about Kennedy from MTV? What about Kurt Loder?

  2. Are Forest Fires Wrong?The
    Are Forest Fires Wrong?

    The Gary Snyder interview caught my attention when he talked about wildfires because of all the forest fires we’ve had in Florida and Georgia (I live right on the border of the two states). Snyder reaffirmed what I’ve heard before, that a certain amount of fire is good for the overall woods. Of course, we’ve probably gone past that point here.

    I’m halfway thru the article about morality. I love this stuff. Is there a right & wrong? If so, is it based on a God or on nature? Maybe karma is natural. Like, if I cut someone off in traffic, they do the same to someone else, who then gets so mad they get a headache and leave work early, so their paperwork doesn’t get done, so the new firetrucks don’t get approved until Monday, and on the way home, they throw a match out the window and a forest fires bursts forth along the interstate skyline, and my house gets burned, all because I cut someone off in traffic.It sounds far-fetched, but imagine if a lot of people were hurting each other all over the world and the ripple effect. Or conversely, imagine a lot of people being nice to each other all over the world and the ripple effect of that.

    Wow . . . transcendy . . .

  3. People who don’t love pie are
    People who don’t love pie are CRAZY. Crazy like rabbits trying to cut they own hair.

    I think Kurt Loder wins.

  4. gary S”speedy and rude”
    gary S

    “speedy and rude” lol

    Surprised to hear him say he hasn’t been aware of any global climate change. I enjoyed the article/review.

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